Can Cheap MLM Leads Help You in Building Your Business?

Many marketers who strive to build their network marketing home business online are seeking to find cheap MLM leads in order to help their network grow. Since they don’t have a lot of money to invest they look to find the most affordable prices, while many times sacrificing the quality they get in return. But can such a practice help distributors to become successful?

When it comes to multilevel marketing leads there are three distinct schools of thought. There are those that suggest to forget about buying them and start learning on how to generate them yourself, since the most companies that sell them in the market use questionable methods to produce them. The second group believes that they can be a great tool for building your MLM home business as long as you find trusted companies that sell high quality ones. The third group advocates that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on buying expensive leads, since the cheap ones are more than adequate. They believe that finding prospects for your business is just a numbers game and the more people you solicit the more members you will sign in your downline.

But does going for the cheap MLM leads is actually the cheapest solution?

I know that at a first look when you consider the price you are paying it is actually very low, but don’t forget that in life you always get what you pay for. The same goes for the leads you just bought. If you bought them at a low bottom price the same goes true for their quality. It is not unusual those network marketing prospects to have been oversold for months now and when you try to communicate with them to be the marketer 200 in line. You don’t want me to mention how pissed off they would be by now. You are also running the chance to contact people that never gave such a permission or to get fake ones.

The leads business is a lucrative one and you can always find scammers who are trying to sell you fake ones as cheap MLM leads.

In my opinion if you want to get the most from the money that you are paying you should concentrate on start learning how to generate your own leads. That way you would be sure that you are contacting genuine prospects who are really interested in joining a multilevel marketing business and more specifically in your own downline. Of course that would require some initial investment of your time in order to learn how to do it or some capital to try to outsource it. But in the long run it is the cheapest solution.

If you still want to use purchased leads to build your network marketing business then try to find some reputable vendors with a good name in the market that truly deliver quality and genuine prospects to their customers. Ask you upline or search some multilevel marketing forums to find recommendations and the experience of buyers who used the named company. Don’t go blindly and choose the first company that sells prospects, but instead do a proper market research first as I mentioned.

The certain thing is that you should avoid buying cheap MLM leads at all cost, unless some company comes highly recommended from a trusted source. Although extremely rare can some times happen in which case enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

But if you want to really have cheap MLM leads and be in the safe side also, you have to learn how to generate them yourself. Don’t forget that you are in the business of marketing, and learning how to find prospects for your network is the essence of your home business. It is crucial that you learn to do it yourself unless you want to pay a premium for such services from third parties.

There are a lot of books and courses that can teach you about MLM lead generation and you should invest the time and money to learn how to do so yourself. Also don’t forget that most distributors rely on third parties for finding prospects online, so by learning to do it yourself you are getting a huge advantage compared with your competition.

So in the end the choice is yours and depends on how you see and value the future of your business. Do you want to go for the short term solution or the long term one?

I still do believe that some times buying them can help your network marketing business in the short run and if you are very careful and you know what you are doing can give you an initial boost and profits. But at the same time you are also facing some risks by this practice.

So go for the ones that you generate yourself as they can be the best cheap MLM leads and they can do a lot to help your business grow and yourself to learn the tricks of the trade. Leave aside the hype and don’t let yourself to get distracted by marketing tactics, but focus on your own business and work hard and steady to help it grow and succeed.

Is Xocai a Serious Business Or a Pyramid Scheme?

Xocai is one of the fastest growing MLM companies in the world. This often raises the question: Is this a serious business or a pyramid scheme?

To answer that question, you need to know what network marketing actually is, and you must know what it not. In reality, network marketing is completely legal and does not meet the definition of a pyramid scheme. A ponzi scheme is a program in which people invest large sums of money with the expectation that others will do the same. Money is only made through the investment of others into the scheme. This is simply a shell game played with money, with no real sales value. A pyramid scheme is focused on taking advantage of people and therefore is very much illegal. The only way a person actually makes money in this type of scam is when someone else loses it.

Network marketing on the other hand is a legal and widely accepted business model that offers great opportunity for those who work diligently at it. Real products and real services are used to generate revenue. Products are bought and sold based on the need, wants and desires of the customer, not out of compulsion. Many people earn great incomes in network marketing, but it is important to note, that they work hard at it. To be successful in multi level marketing, a person must build the other members of your an entire team from scratch, using the retail sales of the legitimate products offered. You will also need to help other members of your MLM team succeed, as your success is tied to theirs. network marketing is a form of retailing the products from your company are sold directly to others or you sponsor people who will be using the products for their own use or those who selling those products. In no way is anyone being taken advantage of in a business like Xocai.

Everyone has the same opportunity to make money with enough consistent effort. A person will not get rich overnight, no matter what anyone promises. With a solid business plan and consistent effort, you can also accomplish a great deal of success.

Network marketing is serious business that requires serious effort and determination. The tools and strategies for your success have been proven, and should be used and implemented with diligence. The big key in network marketing is the principle of leverage. By working hard to sponsor other people into the business, you can make a percentage of commission override off of their work as well as your own. Those who are most successful, build a network very methodical manner. They dedicate themselves to that system for a pre-determined number of hours per week, knowing that it will build over time. They sponsor others and train them on the fundamentals of the company’s product and sponsorship process. This process creates duplication within the business and leads to greater overall synergy of the organization. This process can add hundreds and even thousands of people into your network over time. Your time is focused on equipping others to be successful in their efforts.

With a network marketing business you do not need to incur huge capital investments to get started, and there are no geographic restrictions. In addition, there are no production quotas and educational background requirements either. All that is needed is a dream, and the commitment to pursue that dream with all of your heart.